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Lisbon Santos Dumont 69

Ingenious planning, luxury residences in the consular district in prime location

"Portugal’s Version of Happy Valley" has high appreciation potential and is the first choice for investment and personal occupation


Santos Dumont 69

Completion Year:



Central Lisbon


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Lisbon Santos Dumont 69

Known as the "Portuguese Happy Valley", Santos Dumonts 69 is located in a prime location in the center of Lisbon.


Santos Dumonts 69 is a renovation project as part of Portugal’s urban renewal scheme. These projects require the exterior façade of the building to be retained and renovated while the interior of the building will be demolished and rebuilt. The interior of the building will be redesigned and modernized and on completion all apartments will have fully fitted kitchens and furnished. Adjoining this building will be a large green Eco Park designated and built by the Government creating an Urban Oasis in the heart of the city.

Santos Dumont 69 Outside.png
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