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The interior design team is in charge of the Portuguese property renovation project

Portugal Golden Visa is to purchase properties of 35 years or above for investment immigration. Whether for self-occupation or rental, The Group provides property renovation services, from the appearance of the unit to the comprehensive renovation of the internal structure.

The group also has a professional architect and interior design team, who can plan the unit interval, laying water and electricity works, and arrange interior design and whole house decoration furniture for you.


No matter the old building over 35 years old or any old property, it can be rebuilt from the outside to the inside into a new look. The interior designer can also design the ideal home style in your mind according to the requirements and preferences of the owner.

Estrada de Benfica, 392

T3 Unit (Area: 87m2)

Cost:  €390,000

Estrada de Benfica, 392 Lisbon.png

Rua de Manchester, 13

T2 Unit (Area: 71m2)

Cost : €385,000

Rua de Manchester, 13.jpeg
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