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Lisbon Anjos 25
Proximity to Avenue Liberdade and Lisbon Center
Has obtained the AirBnb license to earn rental returns

Property :

Anjos 25

Completion Year:


Location :

Central Lisbon


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Avenue Liberdade is the most recognized location in Lisbon city center. Most if not all top international brand name shops and 5 Star Hotels are located here with many restaurants and other tourist attractions. Anjos 25 is only a 10-minute walk away from Avenue Liberdade and close to Anjos Metro Station, making it a convenient location for transportation.


Famous designer with complete equipment 

Anjos 25 is an urban renewal renovation project. Renowned architect Pedro Carrilho, is spearheading the design and build introducing unexpected surprises to every corner of the building with a style that combines both beauty and comfort with functionality. Modernization of the building will include elevator facilities and all upgraded services. Interiors will include fully fitted kitchens and furnishing. Overall, apartments suitable for young couples or working professionals people to live in.

Air bnb License, Low Cost and High Return

The Portuguese government has stopped issuing hotel operating licenses in coastal areas such as Lisbon. Because Anjos 25 had been granted an Air BnB license in 2020, it can be said that we have an advantage. Anjos 25 has a lower entry threshold than other properties in the same area, and the property price is about €380,000, making it an ideal choice for investing in overseas properties.

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