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Sentinel Odyssey Group

The SENTINEL ODYSSEY Group is a diversified consultancy company offering services for investment immigration in Portugal. These includes both residential and commercial property procurement, real estate development and property management.
Sentinel Odyssey is committed to building Portuguese Quality Life Circles and promotion of Portuguese Culture. The Group has a professional immigration consultancy team that includes legal consultants, accountants and property managers that will provide a tailor made immigration plan thus ensuring smooth immigration transition for their clients. From the purchasing of their property to rental and management. And the Group also provides leasing management and a concierge service that includes home furnishing and gardening services for Hong Kong property owners.

In 2020, The Group entered into a partnership with one of the oldest established real estate developers,Silfiducia Group, in Portugal. The joint venture investment acquisition included a number of high-quality land development projects including a private condominium  in the Lisbon area that has large-scale residential housing and serviced villas that meets the Golden Visa requirements for Portugal.

Ms. Caroline Ling


Caroline takes on the task of building the community in Portugal for Hong Kong people. Since the implementation of the Portuguese Golden Visa, she has been focusing on assisting our clients in handling Portuguese immigration. She has also invested in a number of real estate properties and businesses in Portugal, including real estate development, property trading and property management. The family members of her husband Michael Franco were the first president of Portugal. On May 1, 2019, they were received the appointment as the Portuguese Tourism Ambassador in Hong Kong.

Core Team in Portugal

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