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Herdade Monteverde – Nature & Living Resort


Herdade Monteverde



Completion Year:


Unique Exclusivity : The only residential property project that qualifies for Golden Visa in the Lisbon area.

"Kang Paradise" in the forest, the dream life enjoyment

In January 2022, new Golden Visa regulations will come into effect in Portugal that prohibits the purchasing of residential properties in high density cities such as Lisbon, Porto, the Algarve and nearby coastal areas. The Herdade Monteverde development land is not for residential property use but is designated for tourism purposes. This development may likely be the only large estate management serviced residence in Lisbon that is eligible for the Golden Visa applications.

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Stroll among the green fields and gardens in a designated environmentally protected green belt and enjoy being one with nature.

Herdade Monteverde is located on the West Coast Nature Reserve of Lisbon, with an endless coastline of beaches facing the Atlantic Ocean. The environment in the area is beautiful and comfortable and is a favorite local holiday destination.


The Monteverde project has an area of ​​approximately 11 million square feet, equivalent to 5.3 Victoria Parks in Hong Kong. Upon completion, there will be 355 residential units, including 86 villas, 71 townhouses and 198 apartments, each with 31,000 square feet of natural space.


The characteristic of this housing condominium is that it is built within a forest, surrounded by a green environment. As soon as you step out of your house, you will encounter stunning scenery from your garden and to the surrounding foliage keeping the hustle and bustle of the city away enabling you to enjoy the beauty of nature. An environment that is suitable both for families with children and those looking for a quiet and peaceful retirement life that everyone dreams of.

Close to Lisbon City Center & Five Star Managed Condominium

Monteverde is about a 15-minute drive from the Lisbon city center and is easily accessible. In terms of supporting facilities within the complex, there will be a central park with a Shopping Center with a Supermarket. There are also plans for an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, swimming pool, a fitness center and other recreational facilities. A 15 minute drive will take you to Fonte de Telha with its 15 kilometers of white sandy beach with a multitude of local seafood restaurants and cafes. The complex provides a 5 star property & security management service for the residents. With the starting cost much lower than similar properties in Hong Kong, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a higher quality of life of your choice.



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Joint Venture with an Established Developer in Portugal

Herdade Monteverde is one of the key development projects for the Sentinel Odyssey Group in Portugal. For this project Sentinel Odyssey has agreed to a joint venture with SIL Grupo, one of the oldest Real Estate Developers in Portugal. SIL was founded in 1951 and has more than 10,500 units in their portfolio that includes both residential and commercial properties. In 2020, despite the impact of the pandemic, their turnover was as high as 19 million Euros. The Sil Group is also involved in fund investment services, with a total asset management worth of 600 million Euros.

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