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It is believed that many people choose to apply in the form of investment properties, which not only meet the eligibility requirements, but also can "property" in advance to pave the way for future life. Therefore, many people who "immigrate without immigrating" continue to work in their original places after applying for immigration, and at the same time earn returns by renting out overseas properties.

The Group cooperates with many real estate partners in Lisbon to get the best price for the owner to rent the property.

The service is suitable for owners of existing properties in Lisbon for investment immigration, please contact for more details.

T2 - Lisbon Town Center (70m2)

Rent €1200

Rua Doutor Gama Barros

T3 Benfica (99m2)

Rent €1200

Estrada da Luz, 220, Benfica
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