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To Create Portuguese life -style circles and promoting Portuguese culture

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黃金簽證的正式名稱是「Investment Residence Permits」(ARI),這是葡萄牙政府於2012年10月推出的一項投資計劃,該計劃允許非歐盟公民通過投資當地房地產或業務而獲得居留權,並且可以用此簽証,在歐盟申根的歐盟國家(包括法國,西班牙,德國,意大利等)中自由出入境。
從最新的SEF統計數字上我們可以了解到,全球最多人申請的方式是以購入房地產作居留簽證,申請家庭數為10,393,佔總申請家庭的92%。而當中特別是以 €500,000 金額的方式為數最多,佔相關方式人數的86%。這個數字並不意外,因為€500,000的方式彈性較大,亦可以選擇全新物業,所以比較受全球多國申請人歡迎。

近日葡萄牙首相Antonio Costa於一個網絡會議論壇上,亦有明確說明黃金簽證已完成任務,黃金簽證的未來方向係點?

Latest Development

Herdade Monteverde

"Kang Paradise" in the forest, the dream life enjoyment


Herdade Monteverde is located on the West Coast Nature Reserve of Lisbon, with an endless coastline of beaches facing the Atlantic Ocean. The environment in the area is beautiful and comfortable and is a favorite local holiday destination.


Anjos 25

Proximity to Avenue Liberdade and Lisbon Center

With AirBnb license to earn rental returns

Anjos 25 is an urban renewal renovation project. Renowned architect Pedro Carrilho, is spearheading the design and build introducing unexpected surprises to every corner of the building with a style that combines both beauty and comfort with functionality. Modernization of the building will include elevator facilities and all upgraded services. Interiors will include fully fitted kitchens and furnishing. Overall, apartments suitable for young couples or working professionals people to live in.

Anjos 25 Outside.png

Santos Dumont 69

Ingenious planning, luxury residences in the consular district in prime location

Santos Dumonts 69 is a renovation project as part of Portugal’s urban renewal scheme. These projects require the exterior façade of the building to be retained and renovated while the interior of the building will be demolished and rebuilt. The interior of the building will be redesigned and modernized and on completion all apartments will have fully fitted kitchens and furnished. Adjoining this building will be a large green Eco Park designated and built by the Government creating an Urban Oasis in the heart of the city.

Santos Dumont 69 Outside.png

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